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through physical

Complete IoT smart packaging platform
for brands to benefit from connected products
throughout the entire supply chain.
Transform your product
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With a $0,03 tag price we introduce a groundbreaking product to RFID & NFC market to to allow wide implementation of this technology into mass market FMCG and pharmaceutical products. Check our new offer

Introducing The Talkin’ Cap

Experience the magic of the NFC technology embedded right inside the closure. Talkin’ Things and CSI introduce the very first NFC technology implemented inside the bottle closure adapted to mass production. Discover more

Genie's Treasure

Combined NFC and AR experiences promote the Talkin’ Cap solution. Release Genie out of the bottle and get engaged in an interactive scenario Watch video

Wolf Barrel

Talkin’ Things supports Avery Dennison in promoting NFC with Augmented Reality experience. The solution features the 2-stage tag to launch different scenarios for closed and open bottle. Watch video


Talkin’ Things launched the most successful AR app in Turkmenistan for Sinalco. Our solution overcomes local limitations in mobile internet availability. Watch video

Black Beer

Black Beer smart packaging experience features dynamic AR scenarios responding to consumers’ mood combined with NFC technology which delivers different messages depending on whether the product was opened or not. Discover more Next

Alba 1913

Talkin’ Things helped Alba to protect their cosmetic products against counterfeiting and ran a digital campaign where 11% of customers engaged through the smart packaging. Contact us for details

Mobil 1™

For Mobil 1 Talkin’ Things developed a solution to effectively reduce the uncertainty customers faced when selecting motor oil on the shop shelf. In a trial run across the US, the user engagement rate exceeded expectations. Contact us for details


Our tailor-made solution developed for Skinceuticals D.O.S.E machines ensured ensures patients’ safety by controlling the expiration date of the ingredients used to prepare one of the 2000 combinations of personalized serum recipes. Contact us for details


Talkin’ Things delivered technology for Jameson to run an engaging consumer activation in Ireland. The solution provided instant access to a digital brand experience straight from the bottle. Contact us for details

We are working with world leading brands

Smart products bring benefits for entire supply chain

Brand Next


Protect against
counterfeit and build
brand loyalty.
Distribution Next


Grey Market Activities
and track your goods.
Retail Next


Manage promotions
remotely and monitor
shelf stock real-time.


Engage consumers
by personalized and
targeted activations.




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Top 50
Swiss Packaging Award 2017
Kairos Society 2017
NFC Innovation Award
Label Industry Global Awards 2017
Pharmapack Awards 2017
Future Digital Awards 2016
Impuls do Biznesu 2014
Inicjator Innowacji 2018
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